Reflections on my experience of the XR Earth March: “Pilgrimage for Planet” 4 day Swansea to Cardiff legs

March 27, 2019 by rebelmarch_admin

It was joyous to be walking in the glorious sunshine, through beautiful countryside with fabulous friends old and new.
Felt hugely grateful to the public, supporting and nourishing us along the way, and to the XR members who greeted us at our destination.

Felt thankful for the hundreds and hundreds of “honks” of support and thumbs up from drivers passing us on the roads.
Felt inspired by the teacher who listened to us sing to his schoolchildren at the school gates, as they left school for the day.

Total admiration for Laurie 87, still marching, still caring, still fighting for a better world.❤️

And a huge thank you to Neil Wagstaff for the support car and laffs along the way, and especially to the awesome Emma Knight, whose organisational skills and good humour are just phenomenal.

I won’t say anything about the negative comments we received, like “So what?” , “Who cares” and “There’s no such thing as Climate Change”, and I won’t mention at all about BBC Wales who locked us out / locked themselves in at BBC studios Reception!! Were we really that scary??!

I would thoroughly recommend to anyone – join the Earth March. Even just for one day …. it’s a wonderful and profound experience!

And how amazing will it be, when all the walks from all over the U.K. join up, and march into London on 15th April for XR International Rebellion Week and occupy the bridges there for a week, to demand the Government acts on the Climate Crisis…. before it’s too late.

Be a part of the change! Start walking today!

Maddy Adams



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