Earth March Cornwall: Day 2: Penzance Railway Station to Praze An Beeble

March 12, 2019 by Dasher

Earth March day 2What a surprise we had when we arrived at Penzance Station this morning, to find a little crowd of marchers waiting to brave the elements with us!

It was a real boost to our morale: we had been approaching the day with gritted-teethed determination to see the job through, but when we heard the drums and saw more people, it gave us a joyous start, despite the pouring rain.

The first few miles were indeed tough. The weather was grim, we were all soaked to the skin, but spirits were high. Several people had only come to walk for a short distance, but all were welcome and made us feel supported.

By lunchtime, the rain was starting to ease and we stopped at The Crown Inn, in Goldsithney, for hot drinks and some drying time. We received a lovely welcome there, including the dog – and there was a roaring fire, so by the time we left, we felt recuperated and ready to tackle the greater distance ahead.Earth March day 2 underway

The next, much longer stages were mainly in sunshine and the walk went well. We had an odd visit from local police at one point: supportive and friendly, but fishing for info – they didn’t get any!

We were splendidly supported by Frances and Sheila at the start, then Sheila in the afternoon, once numbers had dropped. She carried our bags and provided much needed short rest points which made us feel energised and able to continue.

Having escaped most of the weather in the afternoon, in the last couple of miles we were pursued by a large black cloud. The wind was up and sure enough, it hit us with a brutal, but thankfully brief, hailstorm that made us laugh aloud. The rainbow afterwards was special against the black sky as the storm passed over.

Most of the walk today was on B roads with no pavements outside of the villages, which meant that we had lots of interactions with people in cars, who were forced to slow down and go round us. What’s surprising and enormously pleasing is how many were supportive, with waves, tooting horns and thumbs up.

We arrived at Praze an Beeble late in the afternoon, exhausted, a little drier than earlier in the day, but very happy with our achievement. It’s just a shame the pub was closed!

We’re ready for tomorrow – all welcome to join us, for long or short distances. Leg 3 will leave from Praze an Beeble village square at 10.00 am, gathering from 9.30. We’re setting off for Cusgarne, travelling via The Cornish Arms in Frogpool.

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