Earth March Day One, 11th March, 2019: Land’s End to Penzance Railway Station

March 12, 2019 by Dasher

March setting offThe weather was perfect; a wide, late winter-blue sky with scudding clouds overhead and the blue Atlantic stretching away to the West. Around seventy people turned out to give Earth March a strong and powerful send-off on our March to Westminster. Local radio and TV crews were there to interview and record this momentous gathering and the start of our pilgrimage across these Sacred Lands to the heart of government and the financial centre in the capital. Many have taken their concerns to those who hold the power in our country in this way; we are marching in protest at the blatant reluctance of the government to Declare a State of Climate Emergency and to legislate for changes in policy that will have a positive effect on the escalating and devastating impact of Climate Change.

Earth March Land's EndWe received a truly positive endorsement from everyone we met along the way, with a few notable exceptions. The loud revving engines and exaggerated shaking heads were few and far between and at this stage, we were able to shrug these off. By and large, the public is supportive of what we are doing and I guess, relieved to see that we are taking their shared concerns to those who have the power to turn this juggernaut away from catastrophe. Two or three marchers asked if we could make a slight detour and walk down past one of the local primary schools, this lies midway between Land’s End and St Buryan. The headteacher had brought the entire school, all 25/30 children out to see us. We arrived to heartfelt cheers and then sang for them…something relatively cheery as XR songs go!! It was moving for us all, especially since it is their future and those who come after them that we are fighting.Earth March underway

On through the green lanes of West Penwith to Buryan, where we were greeted with the most sumptuous cakes, served in the Parish Church and sat and had our lunch in the churchyard. Then on towards Lamorna, Newlyn and ultimately Penzance with our colourful banners fluttering in the strengthening breeze. We arrived into Penzance amidst great cheers and welcoming mugs of tea and chocolate, pubs with good Cornish ales and a deep appreciation of what we had already achieved and the hard work that lies ahead of us. An auspicious start to what promises to touch the hearts and minds of the nation.

Jackie Dash


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