Cornwall Earth March Blog Day 5: Truro to St. Austell

March 16, 2019 by Dasher

Another blustery day here in Cornwall, though thankfully drier than the past four. We gathered on Lemon Quay at the head of The Truro River that flows downstream to The Fal from here. A pretty good turn out with many people in support of Earth March and around fifteen rebels who had come to join with us on this, the longest leg so far. We had some media attention again today and what was really special was the number of Youth Strikers that had come along to join us, before they marched up to County Hall at the top of town, with their monthly protest. They are all our futures and there were some warm and mutual exchanges between us.

10.30 and time to set off. We crossed over the incredibly busy A39 to make our way up through the houses and past the Comprehensive School towards Pencalenick. Our orange-yellow support vehicle couldn’t make it under the low, tramway bridge further on and so Vanessa had to make a 27-point turn in the narrow lane!! Piece of cake for this experienced truck driver (no pun intended VAN-essa). I think I’ve said before that I’ve tried to make Earth March as inclusive as possible and sure enough we had one intrepid wheelchair user with us today who proved feisty and stubbornly independent. Good ony’a Mike!!

We linked up with the main road again at Tresillian, where fortunately there’s a 30mph speed restriction. No restriction on windspeeds, however, and Karen, Jess and I had some kite surfing experience with the Big Black Banner that Peter has given us to take to Westminster. She billowed up in the wind and although I had hold of the restraining ropes, there was little we could do to reel her in!

Mike too, our seasoned campaigner, had a bit of a mishap when further on, along what was no more than a token, rough pavement, somehow managed to get his front nearside wheel nut wedged between a low concrete post and a stone garden wall. We were struggling to release him when the couple who lived there came along and I asked if they had a lever of some description. Eventually, we managed to release him with the crowbar that the chap brought out and were on our way again.

Just up the way from here, the police had closed off the A39, due to an accident further up the hill. We thought we were going to have a safe passage up to the public footpath I’d mapped in, across the fields to Probus. But just as we got to the road block, the bollards were lifted and the traffic sped up and away. We decided to take the slightly longer road-route around to our next village, for the sake of safety. Vanessa stayed close behind to watch our backs and on we went. At this stage, Mike was on a bus and heading back to Truro.

We took shelter from the relentless wind in the parish church for some lunch and to make a decision about the best plan for the second half/two thirds of this leg. I decided that I need to get back to Truro, my knees being shot and everyone else tumbled back out into the churchyard and on towards Grampound. Grampound lies in the middle of Cornwall, from North to South coast and lengthwise along the county. So, five days in and here we are.

On up the A39, with easier stretches off-road, with less pounding traffic, to St Austell and Earth March’s fifth overnight destination. A fulfilling day with many a tale to tell.

Brave Hearts One And All.

Jackie Dash

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